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Marissa Rattee, Artisan

Leatherwork is the perfect marriage of beauty and utility. 

I have always been an artist, as a child, as a student, and then as a graphic designer for print. I have always been a maker, of art, of food, of various crafty things. I have an eye for detail, and an obsession with craftsmanship. Growing up with farming, I have also inherited an old fashioned Yankee appreciation for utility. It is in working with leather that I have found the appeal of useful art.

Humankind has been using leather for a very long time. There is no shortage of it, and we can use it to make a great many things. It’s strong, it smells warm, and there is something extremely appealing – perhaps vaguely nostalgic -– about the feeling of a buttery soft piece of richly colored leather. Every piece of leather has its own character, in grain, and in field marks. Each piece will, with proper care, last more than a lifetime. With age and wear, quality leather goods develop unique patinas, enhancing their beauty, and making them heirlooms our children, and grandchildren, will not only cherish, but continue to use.

I tool custom designs into full grain, veg tanned leather. Every piece is handmade and unique. I always finish my work with neatsfoot oil, and beeswax, to keep it supple, and protected, naturally. Unlike many other finishes, neatsfoot oil and beeswax are readily available, so that if your leather item becomes a bit dry with exposure to the elements, and longterm use, you can easily reapply at home.

While you’re here, please have a look at my GALLERY. I have been lucky enough to have clients bring me some unique projects – things I would not have done if they hadn’t asked me. If you have questions about what I do, or if you have a leather project on your mind, please send me a message.

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